History review-first pile in China

Date back to year of 2005,Wanze produced the first cold formed sheet pile(WUR13) in China through 4 years of study and experiments. This news shocked the construction world at that time. 

For a long time in the world market, sheet pile has been controlled by several steel giants in the world, which mostly produced hot formed sheet pile, which is much expensive than cold rolled sheet pile. Their attitude towards customers is prideful and superior. Their delivery is usually up to 9 months. Sheet pile is a kind of products with most sophisticated technology, it also inquires a huge investment of capital. As a result, There are very few cold formed sheet piles. However, Wanze made the determination  and solved this problem.WRU13 can perfectly replace Larssen 3 sheet piles. Its exact size is 575*360*10, and modulus of section is 1346, While the weight only 129.5kg/m2 much economical than Larssen for FSP sheet piles as high as 13.7%.Until now, more than 10000 tons of WRU13 has been sold all over the world