The role of sheet piling

The role of sheet piling :

1, solution mining process and a series of problems arising in the process;

2, simple construction period shortened.

3, for the construction of tasks, to reduce space requirements;

4, the use of steel sheet pile can provide the necessary security and (emergency relief) for Strong time;

5, the use of steel sheet pile can be free from the constraints of weather conditions;

6, in the use of steel sheet pile in the process, check the material or to simplify the complicated process of system performance;

7, to ensure its adaptability, good interchangeability, and can be reused.

Hydraulic engineering - the building port transportation routes - roads and railways

1, the terminal wall 1, to maintain the wall, retaining wall

2, shipyards, shipyard construction 2, isolation of noise wall

3, retaining pier piles, (Pier) 3 bollards, bridge

4, the radar range finder 4, slope, hill

5, the sinking of the railway and underground water reserves

6, the tunnel

Civil engineering water

1, the maintenance of a waterway, foundation excavation

2, wall 2, sub grade

3, the consolidation of embankment, 3 banks, ditches

4, 4 parking facilities, underground parking

5, 5 to prevent erosion, building

Water pollution control building - is polluted areas, fences fill

1, (the river) locks, 1 locks, vertical fence sealed

2, weirs, dams 2, for the replacement of the excavated soil

3, the bridge 3, tank yard

4, (roads, railways, etc.) culverts; 4, the top of the slope protection of underground cable channel

5, security door

6, a flood of noise reduction

7, bridge column, pier wall of noise isolation

8, inlet and outlet six cold-formed steel sheet pile materials, chemical composition and mechanical properties