Basic knowledge of sheet pile


Sheet pile is a hot or cold rolled structural shape with interlocks on the flange tips. The interlocks permit individual sections to be connected in order to form a continuous steel wall which is earth tight and virtually water resistant.

Steel sheet pile is a top choice in water retention systems, particularly with cofferdams, port & harbors, locks & dams and flood protection. It is also excellent for retaining soils that are below the water table. It will maintain its shape during installation.

Steel sheet piling is environmentally friendly. In addition to being produced with recycled steel the sheet piles are installed in manner that produces no spoils. Therefore there is no risk of exposure and disposal of potentially hazardous or contaminated materials.

There are many reasons to use
sheet piling. Because it is readily available and transportable, and it is in many cases a fast and economical solution to an owner's need for a durable, long lasting wall system. For permanent construction, some uses include retaining walls, bulkheads, bridge abutments, graving docks, cut-off walls, mooring dolphins and pier protection cells. Temporary structures would include cofferdams used to construct building excavations, trenches, piers for bridges, and lock & dams on our inland river system.